Room 4 holiday adventures!

I am away to Oamaru to an ICT conference from Sunday to Tuesday. I hope I learn lots of new and exciting things to share with you all. Have a great holiday and please e-mail me or add to the wiki.

I had a great time at the conference in Oamaru. I have spent the last two days at school getting the class reorganised for term 4. I am very busy with my gym programme and this morning I ran 7km. I am going to Cromwell tomorrow and I will be back for a 10km run at Outram on Sunday. Hope you are all enjoying the holidays.

In the holidays I cut my thumb with a chainsaw. (Shannon)
My bandaged thumb

In the holidays I broke my arm. (Matthew)

I went to cristchurch on friday and came back on wensday (Harrison)

I had a great birthday (Sinead)