-Circus Reflection...
Can we all add to our circus reflection?

I felt...
- nervous because there was a big crowd said Kyle
- less shy because I remembered not to be shy, said Will
- excited because it was my first time performing in a circus said Matthew
- glad to perform in the room 4 circus again said Sinead

- glad to perform in front of my parish Buddy and make her laugh said Jemma
- Ifelt scared walking on my stilts and I felt great honking my horn said Shannon
- I felt happy performing in front of my parish buddy said Courtland
- I felt nervous at the start then near the end I felt really happy said Olivia
- I felt very very nervous performing in front of the whole school said Kymberlee
- So proud and exciting to be in a circus said Charlotte
I wondered...
- How many people were watching me said Kyle
- Who my Parish buddy was while I was performing said Sinead
- How many old people came to watch our funny act said Jemma
- If my Parish buddy was watching said Olivia
- I wondered if my parish buddys were coming said Kymberlee
- I wondered if my cousin came said luke
-I wondered if we did well said shannon
I tried...
- New things that I have never done before said Kyle
- New ways to try to make our act shorter said Sinead
- New things that would make people laugh in my act said Jemma
- To get things right said Harry
- I tried to add new things to the puppet act said Olivia
- I tried to get ideas for my act said Kymberlee
- To get things right and to do my best and make it short said Charlotte

I learned...
- its hard to cut down time from our circus to save time said Kyle
- Parish buddies don't like too much noise said Jemma
- it is hard to perform to heaps of people said Sean
- don't turn your back to the audience said Braydon
- that you have to make your act interesting said Sinead
- that you have to come to the front of the stage so the audience can hear you said Olivia
-that our our parish buddys don't like to much noise said Kymberlee
-I learned that performing in front of an ordince is fun said shannon
- To get thing ready on time said Charlotte
I used...
- all my talents to make new acts said Kyle
- my spare time to practice my acts said Jemma
- my skills said Harry
- some talents I didn't know I had said Olivia
- all my talents and teamwork said Kymberlee
- all my thingking t
- all my skills and talents said Sinead
- My best skills said Charlotte

You can only imagine how proud I am of you all. What an amazing performance today!!! You are all sensational. You were very entertaining. I can't wait to share the photos and video with you all on Monday... but until then... here is a snippet...

Are you getting ready?

Check out the programme and let me know if there are any changes please!

Circus Personnel

Stage Managers: Olivia, Cayden, Charlotte

Music: Mrs K

Backstage Manager:

Lighting Controller: Wilson, Ryan

Props: Will, Kymberlee

Front of House: Callum, Kymberlee, Connor

Circus Programme: Shannon, Luke

Today you will see:
Ringmaster 1 Harry
Ringmaster 2 Sinead
Ringmaster 3 Rylee
Ringmaster 4 Maddy
Photographer – Kyle
Water clown – Jorge
Noisy – Shannon
Buzzy –Charlotte
Sounds Alive Circus
Madison, Braydon, Cayden, Ryan, Connor, Bradley
The circus is in town
Room 4
Rag doll
Callum, Harry, Braydon, Wilson,
Jolly jugglers
Rylee and Will
Bradley and Ryan
Tom and Cayden
Sean and Courtland
Tappityy tap tap – Mrs K and Mrs F
Fun land
Sinead, Kymberlee, Rylee
Callum – harmonica
Olivia – recorder
Harry – guitar
Rylee – guitar
I’m tricky the clown
Sean, Sinead, Callum, Harry
You think you are so good
Wilson, Will, Kyle
Biker boys
Ryan, Jorge, Kyle
Hula hoopers
Jorge, Madison, Connor
Tumbling down
Wilson, Courtland, Will, Tom
The human puppet
Olivia and Jemma
Squeaky pow
Bradley, Connor, Madison
Snake charmers
Maddy, Jemma, Jorge, Braydon
Scaredy pies bubblelicious
Cayden, Luke, Shannon, Madison
Party poopers
Sinead, Rylee, Maddy,
Fizzy pop
Kymberlee, Charlotte, Matthew
Pyramid paradise
Magic stuff
Courtland, Kyle, Luke, Tom
Who will let the clowns out?
Tom, Harry, Sean
High walkers
Shannon, Sean, Luke
No breaking allowed
Kyle and Will
Wonky donkey
Whole school
Thank you for coming to our amazing, extraordinary Circus.

Our classroom circus acts

Click on this link to check out what you can do for our circus. Add your name to any of the acts you can do. Remember to think about your talents and choose what you would really like to do.

I am extremely impressed with the effort you have put into preparation for our circus.
We now need to make sure we all have acts we are working on in groups.
There is no i in team!!!
We need to research clowns and acts to make sure we fully understand our role.
When will you practise?
What props will you need?
Click on clown for ideas!

What do we need in our rubric?

Click to research different types of clows.

Who will be ringmaster?
Who will be prompt? director?
Who will write the programme?
Who will make the poster to advertise our circus?

How will we plan for our Parish Buddy circus?